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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  February 14, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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and good evening again from the port of mobile, alabama. this is a special edition of "ac 360." i'm erin burnett, for the 3100 passengers and more than 1,000 crew members leaving the cripples cruise ship behind me, there were two songs of the night, sweet home alabama, and the sweet music of a ship's
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whistle. >> well, listen to that horn, martin. look how happy they are to hear that. port of call horn, means they're about to dock. >> that's a sound that many family members are waiting for. >> i'm sorry, martin, you were saying? >> joyful noise at the carnival triumph came into port. i remember hearing that horn, everyone stopped dead and watched that. people have been coming off the gang way. it's been very smooth so far from everything we have heard. it's gone floor by floor, from bottom to top. this, of course, was not the triumph's intended destination, but a fire on sunday left the ship almost dead in the water. main power was gone. toilets did not work. hallways became open sewers. it was truly a nightmare cruise. tonight, there is cheering. literally, fizzily cheering because the nightmare is over. passengers are screaming onshore, piling onto the buses,
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leaving bus after bus after bus, heading to hotels, heading to galveston, heading to new orleans. we have seen remarkable reunions. we have heard passengers offer praise for their ship mates and crew members. we have also spoken to passengers describing primitive conditions. >> it was tent city. you remember what superdome looked like in katrina? that's what the deck looked like. they asked us to take them all down when the helicopters started making deliveries. so we did that and they straightened every up. it looks kind of tidy now, but that's not the way it was. >> take a look at the ship again. it's hard to imagine all of those people got on board. they were looking for a little relaxation. it was just a few-day cruise. thinking the worst they may have in store was heart burn, losing a little bit in gambling, feeling tired in the morning. tonight, the ceo said plain and
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simple, we blew it. >> i know the conditions on board were very poor. i know it was very difficult. and i want to apologize again for subjecting our guests to that. we pride ourselves in providing our guests with a great vacation experience. and clearly, we failed in this particular case. >> and that's where we stand tonight. an epic fail, but a happy homecoming and safe to say a lot of people with stories to tell forever. before we get to some of them, i want to bring everybody up to date on the latest. i'm joined by martin savidge who has been here for days. we have been here together as people started to disembark and were mobbed by media. >> buses, heading to places unknown. we watched this come. this is one of those stories we knew was going to develop and grow. once you got sight of the ship, it was tangible, this is real.
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you had 4,000 people plus that were caught up, not in a life and death situation, but still a life altering situation. they were affected deeply. that we saw a human nature size that seemed to be people rising to the occasion and helping one another and people raving about the crew, and we have more people right here. >> one of the things that struck me is earlier in the day, talking to people on the phone, there was frustration, anger, people were upset. now as people have come off, they're talking about some of the good things than happened. without having a cell phone, you were forced to get closer to those you loved. >> it wasn't the shore excursions. it was being with one another, putting themselves through difficult circumstances and finding and communicating in ways they hadn't done before. there's a lot of philosophy you can read into this whole experience. could be a whole new cruise idea for carnival if you look on the bright side.
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>> jj and joy join us now. please, step in. >> we see you're wearing the traditional attire. >> this is the triumph robe. >> ours are specially decorated. >> a little too quick. >> everyone has to read them. >> float trip 2013. >> it started out as a cruise and then it became a float trip. >> what is the float trip aspect. >> we were floating at sea. literally, we were on a float trip. it was a great cruise, and then we had a float trip. >> and what was -- we were just talking about how there was frustration and desperation and anger and then there were moments where you felt really close and special to the people you loved. >> the situation we were in was a terrible situation, and there were a lot of frustrating and horrible things to deal with, but what we were in awe of the entire time was the crew that was completely unselfish. they served us with smiles, and served us in ways that are truly unthinkable, the things they had
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to do for us, yet they did it with smiles. we built relationships with the crew, we came home intending to keep up the relationships. they did not have to serve us to the capacity they did. they chose to make the most of it, and that encouraged all of us to make the most of it. we found ways to find laughter in spite of what we were dealing with. that really helped us get through it. >> can you think of a moment where you felt so deeply touched by the actions some other, a crew member did? >> there's so many, it's hard to narrow down one. the day where maybe it was the scariest was when the food was sparse and the helicopters hadn't made it on yet and we weren't close enough for anything to happen, and water was sparse. we had to drink soda for -- >> days. >> we really wanted water. in the night, our care taker delivered a water bottle. she wouldn't even deliver it until we were in the room, to hand it to us and make sure we had it.
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we kept it in our closet. >> to be sure that no one else was claiming it. >> that was a scary moment because you really don't realize how fortunate we are to have a flushing toilet, running clean water, and water to drink. >> we heard this over and over, but it's true. only when you're thrown in this very, very stressful circumstances do you begin to appreciate what you don't have, but also appreciate what you do have, which is people around you. >> we had been living in tent city on the deck of the ship, so we're ready for a nice warm bed with a roof, electricity and running water. >> here? >> here tonight and heading home in the morning. >> where is home? >> oklahoma city. >> you're going to fly out of mobile? >> yes. >> how is the family, have you spoken to them? >> yes, we got texts out a few times when the other ships would meet us. we had cell coverage for a minute, so we got a few out, and we have talkin' to everyone. >> we can't get there fast enough. >> you probably apprec ate them
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in a way you didn't before, right? >> of course. >> yes. >> everything really that is important is in such focus in situations like this. >> that is so true. you're cut off, but you have to focus on what you have. so many people have spoken about this bond and about how they talked to people they never would have talked to, how they did things obviously they never thought they would have done. >> or spoken about. it was general conversation for a while. >> we were hearing, all sorts of things people don't want to talk about on television or say. >> we all just cope with it together. >> did you feel in most cases people rose to the occasion? >> absolutely. absolutely. it was just bonding, even with the people we had never met before, brandon anddora, and we helped put the ropes together, put the sheets together, then, you know, all rotating to keep the seats, and getting one another food, and saving places. just things that people do. >> the same thing with the crew.
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we saw people who were hired to be massage therapists or entertainers who ended up patrolling the hall ways at night to help protect us and our things and serving on the food line and helping get our luggage off the ship, and we saw people who just wanted to help so much who would just stage without power, stage entertainment for us just to kind of help pass the time, playing instruments with the music stand in an entryway or something just to help time not feel so -- >> generosity. >> remarkable, actually, to hear that people would go to such lengths above and beyond, as they suffer as you do. >> when they didn't have to. when they were in the exact situation we were. >> they were. >> yes. >> all right, well thank you so much. both of you. >> we'll let you get on your way. >> enjoy your warm bed and your shower and toilet. >> we will! >> i don't know where you rank them, but you need them all. >> thank you. >> thank you very much for coming by. >> joining us now on the phone is dee tucker. she's in line to get off the ship. as we said, this has taken
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several hours already for people to get off the ship. people are still on. she was on the sixth floor of the cruise ship. let us know now, are you almost off? do you know how much longer it will take? >> well, we are now walking off. they said there was a 15-mile train passing through. so it's going to be hard for me to hold the phone and carry two bags, though. >> okay, well, we can tell by the muffled signal you are obviously on the move. we take that as a very good sign. and that you soon, if not already, are going to be on the ground, right? >> yes. it was a notch above a riot here. they packed us in here, and we're standing and standing for an hour. anyway. >> we have heard it was an orderly disembarkation, but it sounds like your experience has been different. that sounds pretty frustrating.
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>> right, it's not orderly. you went from floor one to three to four and then six. and then they took them down in the elevators, and when the elevators open in the bottom, they just keep backing them in. so there's no organization. >> so no one is guiding you -- >> i've got to hang up because i have to carry my luggage. >> please, go ahead. we don't want to hold you up. good luck. >> obviously, when you look at the gangway behind us from the upper deck, you don't see people coming down, but there are people still coming off the ship. as she indicted, a lot of people jamming. >> she did say the elevator is working, which would be new. most of the time, they only had one elevator. at the end, they get the lights back on and the elevators going. getting off the vessel now is what people want to do, and it's got to be frustrating when you see everything else on shore and you're sitting on the ship.
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>> and you feel in the last few moment, among the most tense and frustrating you felt the entire time. i want to bring in clark jones and jacob holmes. they were on the sixth floor. good to talk to both of you. you were on a cruise with family and friends. how many of you all together? >> probably 25 all together. my mom has a lot of friends. so just bring them all along for the ride. >> all they still all her friends? >> oh, yeah, as long as i carry the luggage for them, we're good to go. >> so how does it feel? >> good. >> feels really good to be on land and not be swaying back and forth. at one point, the wind was blowing so hard that the ship was telted, so when you're walking down the hallway, everybody is walking like this, or if you're trying to go across, you're walking forward or back. >> a ship doesn't normally tilt that way. >> no, not really. >> there was a lot of people worried. but the cruise director did a good job of calming people down. the staff was amazing. they were always on point.
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helping us whenever we had questions. >> did you ever worry that it wasn't going to -- this lasted several days so i don't want to imply this was kick, but did you worry it might not end this way? >> i was nervous i was going to be in a tiny mexican town and then taken somewhere else and then somewhere else and somewhere else. hearing plans as they found them out was really helpful. >> and you were able to communicate with family? you were able to at least get a message out? >> that was interesting because when the power went out, you lose all cell reception because they project that from the boat, so the only time we got a chance to text or call was when the other boats swung by. you had people walking across the deck, holding up their phones, trying to follow the boat, just to get a message out. not everybody did all the time. i talked to one girl who was still nursing a newborn. her husband wasn't on the ship, she was there with girlfriends,
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and she hadn't talked to him since sunday morning when the power went out. >> you know the moment that vessel goes away, you lose all contact with the outside world. >> that's a good question, has it changed things? do you suddenly find the to-do list gets rearranged as far as importance and what matters? >> yeah, i want to be able to relax when life is crazy around you, but when things need to get done, you need to know how to get it well. it's taught me how to be prepared for that. so it's been good. i'm trying to take the good things. >> the next cruise, you're going to pack a lot more stuff? >> is there going to be a next cruise? >> eventually. >> i'm going to keep my feet on land for a little while, but if you get a free seven-day cruise, how can you pass that up? you have to cross your fingers it's not another engine failure
10:16 pm
or prop like this one. >> have to hope you have drawn that card in life the one time you're going to draw it. >> maybe i'll not take the unlucky one. i'll bring one of my more lucky friends. >> of course. >> it can't be me. >> thanks to both of you. where are you headed tonight? staying here? >> they're busing us to new orleans. >> you're going to new orleans tonight? not going to sleep then, obviously? >> going to new orleans. >> morning by the time you're there. where's home? >> dallas. our flights are tomorrow morning out of new orleans, and then we'll have to go to galveston and drive to dallas. lots more traveling. >> got a car you left in galveston? >> yeah, left a car there. >> your sojourn is still ongoing, but you're on land. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> still to come, our breaking news coverage of the carnival news crisis continues. when we return, we'll talk to
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good eye. for me rk it was really scary because it's never happened to me and it's my first cruise and i didn't know what to do, so the bed was tilting and i didn't know what to do. >> tonight, buses carrying passengers from the port of mobile to local hotels in new orleans and elsewhere have come out behind us, passengers tired, frustrated, also profoundly happy to be back on dry land. earlier today, everyone seemed full of despare. when they came on shore, full of joy. the disembarkation process has been going quickly, but not smoothly for some. we heard a complaint a moment ago. the docking, however, did go smoothly for a giant ship, 100,000 tons. 2 1/2 football fields long with
10:21 pm
no brakes and no lights. it wasn't easy. the triumph hardly triumphant, but safely tied up at the alabama cruise terminal. i'm joined by martin savidge. we have been covering this story. it's been a nice night. >> it has been a very nice night. people have had remarkable conversations. we have talked to them and learned how their lives have been altered. there is a line of stretch limousines here. >> we haven't figured out why, have we? sdm no, we have also been told there are a number of private jets. apparently, there are people who are getting off the vessel that were well connected. we want to talk to bethany because as you may remember, it was about an hour ago, we were talking to you right up there. >> you were literally right up on one of those balconies waving and talking to us. >> not long after she spoketuse, she's suddenly being escorted and told, hey, it's time for you to leave. >> it's amazing how fast it was
10:22 pm
by that point. we stepped out of our room, grabbed our bags, and boom, we were down there. i was expecting lines and having to stand for longer. >> what was it like, what do you go through. >> we had to do customs earlier today, so that part was done. we just had to grab our bags and walk down the hall to where we would meet in the lovy and just walk off the ship. it was just that easy today, and then the gangplank, whatever you call it, the gangway. >> i called it a gangplank earlier, too. >> it was that simple. >> are people guiding you? are there lights? >> there were tons of people. they grabbed my mom's bags and carried them for her. and a lady was like -- i said, i can get my own, and she said, let them take them. >> you ask for anything you want. >> how did you feel when you finally stopped off?
10:23 pm
did you stop or start running? >> just started running. it was great to be back and be out here and just one step closer to being back in houston. >> we were talking about your tweets because we remarked on these. you found a way to, you know, adsome levity and to actually bring a little philosophy. what got you composing, got you doing this? >> my sister, actually. it was the way she communicated and how i kept up with her. i started tweeting myself and linked it to my facebook so everybody can see everything no matter if it's twitter, facebook, talk to my friends, talking to people i never met before, and having fun with people online. i don't have many followers but i find it's fun so i keep it up. >> may be a career there. >> that's right. >> you have the touch. it's not easy in 140 characters. we have asked this question of a lot of people because they said with all of a sudden not having a cell phone, not only did you appreciate people more, you were
10:24 pm
forced to interact with people more. >> right. >> how did you spend your time? >> well, i brought tons of books because i didn't know what i would be in the mood for. >> you're my kind of traveler. >> i had to bring a couple different kinds. we have gone through them all, the different glamour magazines and everything. i just wanted to ring, hang out, play some music on my iphone, have fun, and we -- it was -- we had a good time, looked through pictures we had taken earlier in the cruise. i had monopoly on my ipad. we played that one night, played cards. tried to keep busy. since we were lucky enough to have a balcony, we tried to stay out of the crowded areas because we didn't need it, so why crowd it up even more? >> did you find you were talking to people you oitherwise wouldnt have spoken to, that you were reaching out in ways you never thought? >> yes and no. all three of us are pretty
10:25 pm
friendly, but yes, when you're standing in line for three hours, you learn a lot about the people around you. you meet people you never met before. it was interesting to hear people's stories and where they're from and why they're cruising. >> thank you very much and welcome home and safe travels. >> thank you very much. >> nice to see you down here instead of looking at you from up there. >> martin, there's something here about carts. i have a few decks of cards at home. i wonder if i'm going to bring them on trips. then you don't bring them because you have your ipad and iphone. so many people are saying they played cards. >> they found board games they have not looked at since they were a kid. there were a lot of things that are now appreciated that had been overlooked. that's a positive you can take away. >> joining us on the phone is donna. she's in her hotel room in mobile. i'm assuming that means you have been able to shower and enjoy the heat and feel a warm bed.
10:26 pm
>> yes, i am so excited. i have had a nice cheese burger and a very long, hot bath, and i'm laying in bed watching your coverage right now. >> well, we're glad you've got it in the right perspective there. clean up and tune in. but, i mean, how does it feel to sort of have that chance -- how does it feel to soak up the warm water and realize your ordeal is over? it's finally done? >> it's a breath of fresh air. i can't tell you how much i enjoy just having a hot bath. i really didn't want to get out. i could have spent quite some time in there hanging out. it felt good, and i'm happy to know i'll be on my way home tomorrow. it's kind of ironic -- >> yes. >> i'm sorry, i didn't mean to nurt ruinterrupt you.
10:27 pm
are you going to get a real nig night's sleep? i know the past few nights it's been anything but a good night's sleep. >> i plan on sleeping in as late as i can and then i'll hit the road back to ingleten. >> all right. >> i think we lost her or -- maybe she drifted off. >> i'm still here. can you hear me? >> sorry. we got you now. we got you, yeah. >> we're going to let you know because we know you have been through a lot. we're going to pull some others into the conversation. thanks very much. get plenty of rest. >> i thank you so much. you guys are doing a great job covering all of this. >> thanks. >> thank you. and joining us now on the phone, trey and kendall love on the bus to new orleans. we were talking to trey and kendall earlier. pretty amazed at your fortitude, that you were able to get on the bus and head to new orleans. and you just heard donna. she had her shower and is in her
10:28 pm
bed. where are you right now? >> we're on the interstate headed to new orleans. >> going home! >> how is that bus trip going? >> it's pretty smooth. everybody is relaxed. we're watching you guys now. so nice to have a working tv in front of us. >> okay. so what is the plan? you get to new orleans, and then what? >> i guess we get to sleep for a couple hours. then we leave at 10:00 in the morning, headed back to south carolina. >> all right. i mean, i'm quite amazed we have people talking from their hotel room, people calling from the bus ride on the way to new orleans. i'm glad they're still staying connected. >> it sort of feels like a big new family wrf. it really does. gosh, well, trey and kendall, your bus is totally full, i would imagine, right? >> yeah, yeah.
10:29 pm
we had to wait for another one. >> they're on their way and they'll be there soon. soon to get a shower. two hours, they said. probably about an hour for the shower. >> i will give them credit because i think i would have gone straight across the street to the hotel that was nearest. this has been discussed. mobile said they had 2,500 rooms available tonight for those people getting off, but instead, they were questioning, why are they sending them off to new orleans? >> apparently, carnival said that was the quest of the passengers, so the mayor of mobile said he was comfortable with the answer. special thank you to all of the passengers who took the time to speak with us. we're grateful for it. you went through a difficult ordeal, and we appreciate you sharing what you went through. >> welcome home, and we look forward to all of those reunions with your families. the new s continues right now o cnn. fortunately we've got ink.
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lr, welcomeuric you're watching piers morgan tonight. i'm erin burnett here with martin safvidge in mobile, alabama. we're surrounded by families, people reuniting, media. it is the world here, and we have already heard from people who are excited, people who are angry, people who were emotional, people who were taking it all in stride. just the full monopoly of human emotion. >> they're just very, very happy to be here, off the ship, and finally in many cases into the arms of loved ones they have been waiting for. that's what we're watching for here. we're going totally unskrimecri with this. >> you want to step in? >> sure. >> come on in. please come on in. hi, there, sweetie. >> identify yourselves. >> my name is betty. this is my daughter, melissa mcdavid, and her daughter,
10:34 pm
cameron mcdavid. we have our husbands and riann and madeleine. we went on a cruise with my son-in-law andy. >> three generations of family here? >> yeah, and we came for her 40th birthday. >> welcome. probably not the birthday you expected. >> it's all right. >> what was it like? >> it made you appreciate hot water, flushing toilets, electricity. we weren't prepared for it. >> came through it as a family? >> we did. we were all together. that was what was most important, and just glad to be alive. it could have been so much worse. >> were you worried at any point it might not end this way? >> yes, the first night was pretty rough because we were tilting very badly. >> the ship was listing, right? >> yes, very badly. i was having trouble staying on the bed. one of the items on the counter fell off.
10:35 pm
you kind of have moments where you think, titanic, when you the things start rolling off the counter. it was a bit scary. we did a lot of praying. >> what was it like for you guys? >> for me, it was really scary because it's never happened to me, and it's my first cruise, and i didn't know what to do. so the bed was tilting, and i didn't know what to do. it was really confusing. >> it was hard to sleep. >> hard to sleep. no air, air conditioning. it was hot. dark. >> really dark. >> good to have your mom and grandmom with you so you were safe. >> yes, ma'am. >> so are you going to go on a cruise again? >> i actually have one booked in june to alaska. and i definitely have my list of things i'm going to take. survival gear. that list has changed. >> we were talking to someone earlier who said thank goodness this didn't happen to me in alaska because it would be so cold, so make sure you bring the right clothes.
10:36 pm
>> yes, take the right things. you know, it was very memorable. it makes you appreciate the little things. >> the big things. time with your family, perhaps, that you didn't expect. >> no cell phone service. >> for days. >> when you're cut off like this, when children don't necessarily have other ways typically to entertain themselves, what did you do? how did you pass the time? >> i packed some cards. played cards. >> i went and played cards with my friends. >> the kids have scavenger hunts on the ship. and you use the daylight during the day to see. once it got dark, it was everybody, okay, bedtime. come on in. don't run around the ship. you can't see. >> back to the stone ages. a bus is coming behind us. cameron is waving. these are people, of course, we have been seeing several of these buses go by on the way to new orleans and galveston. people who have been talking to us have been very frustrated and very angry and angry at carnival. are you, and are you going to sue them, or no?
10:37 pm
>> i feel like they didn't tell us -- they didn't start off right. they didn't make the right decisions in the beginning. that's just my personal opinion. the tugboats should have been ordered immediately. ordered immediately. >> they said they didn't call for help because no one was in danger of like dying. >> we could see smoke. i have pictures of smoke coming out the top during the fire. you could smell it. people on the lower docks, it was in the halls. it wasn't a small fire. >> it was not. >> as we were led to believe. >> we were also told that it was not. >> do you think they kept you informed? did you feel you were constantly given the right information? >> it was causeitaonstantly cha. >> we were going to go to mexico and ended up coming here. >> the staff onboard, though, went all out. they really were, they did everything they could to help us and make us as comfortable as possible. there they really did.
10:38 pm
>> they were in just as much discomfort as we were. >> some of them more than we were. >> thank you so much to all of you and thank you for delaying getting to a warm bed and a shower and everything. >> a hot shower. >> thank you, we're very happy to be on ground. >> we are. >> thanks. >> bye. >> thanks so much for taking to time to talk to us. >> all right, stay warm. >> we have the atkins family, i believe, coming up. >> yes. >> and at the same time, we keep track of the buses on the move because that's going to be the way most people get out of here. >> we want to -- we want to bring in dr. astrepo. so many people here have talked about the conditions. we talked to them on cell phones throughout the day. now we're talking to them in person. >> which is nice. >> which is wonderful. some of the hygiene on the ship was horrific. a lot of these people are wondering, all right, i'm not
10:39 pm
feeling sick now, but am i going to be feeling sick in a few days? are they safe if they're feeling okay or not? >> the most important thing is definitely get to a warm shower, a nice bed, and get some rest because honestly, time will tell what we're going to see in the next couple days from that's, but for the most part, if you're feeling well now, i would say get some rest, get home, and for sure, let the immune system take over and hopefully everything will be okay. >> and do you think in general that cruise ships are safe and clean? you know, this situation is obviously severe, but we hear all the time about noroviruses and all sorts of things that are caused by whether it be water or food or ships. >> absolutely. when you put 4,000 people in a closed environment, it creates a situation where you can have any type of gastrointestinal illness take over, but for the most part, cruise ships do handle
10:40 pm
these situations well, and this was a specific situation. so this can carry a little bit of high risk, but for sure, i'm sure, you know, carnival cruise line did everything possible, and hand sanitizers were used as much as possible. and hopefully everything will be okay after this. >> yeah. all right, well thank you very much. please don't go anywhere. we'll be needing to talk to you in a bit. >> let me introduce you to the atkins family. this is a family i talked to earlier in the day. rusty, ben, and this must be brianna. >> that's right. >> welcome back. >> happy valentine's day. looks like they remembered. >> somebody certainly remembered. how do you feel? >> excited to be on land. i kissed it when i first got off. >> you did? literally benlt down and kissed it? wow. >> you're not the first to tell us, actually. there were a number on people getting on the ground.
10:41 pm
for nyou now to be back with yor family, it must have been emotional. >> i just felt, i missed them so much. you have no idea. just to be with them, just to let them know that i'm safe is just so much better than not having any contact at all. >> do you think you realize because of this and because of what happened, maybe if it was a regular cruise, you might not feel this way. now you appreciate them in a way you didn't? >> yes, ma'am. >> your mom and dad, what was it like to see her? >> oh, my word. this is -- this honestly has probably been the best day of the whole -- whole -- >> so exciting. >> the whole year. >> for parents, those waiting onshore, it was probably worse. mentally, you're thinking so much about the horrors. >> the unknown. >> i wanted to be there for her, be taking care of her, as dad is supposed to do. i wasn't able to do that. so when i was able to see her, my goodness, what a great feeling. it was very, very awesome. >> so exciting.
10:42 pm
>> yeah. >> where are you headed now? >> to the hotel to eat, i hope. >> to the hotel. let's hope they keep the room service late. >> whatever she wants, she's getting it. >> you hear that? hear what dad said? if you have a wish list, you better get on those things. >> take advantage of it. it might wear off. >> you look wonderful. we're so happy for you. because we know how much it wore on you. great to see you. thank you for coming by and sharing with us. >> thanks so much to all of you. good luck. >> well, we're talking about getting everybody off this vessel. this is still a process that's going to take hours and hours. >> yes. >> it's not something that's done quickly. although now we look up there, i don't see anybody hanging off the decks. maybe a few people in the upper balconies, but i think right now, they're focused on one thing. and that's getting onshore. >> they certainly are. we're going to be back in just a moment. we'll have more stories from the triumph after that.
10:43 pm
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10:47 pm
this was your surprise 40th birthday party. >> yes, it was. >> what a surprise it was. >> yeah, more than we bargained for. >> tell us how it happened. you're at home. they show up. >> yes, we met at my friend julie's house, and my mom and sister and best friend rachel were all hiding and they surprised me and then gave us the cruise tickets. so, and told us we're leaving the next morning. >> it had a lot more surprise to it than you actually thought. >> about three days later, yeah. >> you laugh. i mean, we look at you now. we're thrilled to see you all. you look wonderful, i have to say. >> thank you. >> but there had to be some dark moments. >> it was scary initially when we woke up and there was smoke in our hallway and they were making announcements over the p.a. that sounded scary. then julie saw a crew with life jackets running down the hall way. we thought it was time to go to the deck. >> with our life jackets. >> once we got up there and they
10:48 pm
told us things were calming down and we got up to fresh air, we waited with everyone to see what to do. we were fine, we were calm. >> could you sleep in your rooms? no, you slept out on deck? >> we slept on deck 10 for three nights, and last night, we were in one of the dining rooms because it was a little colder. it was fine. comfy. >> a giant slumber party. >> you make it sound like you were able to turn things around. what did you eat? what did you have for food? >> they fed us lots of food. it may not have been what people preferred. the first day was the worst. >> a lot of canned stuff. >> peanut butter, yeah. >> as the ships started coming in and bringing supplies, it seems like they got a grill two days ago. they started cooking chicken and steaks. yeah, there was plenty of food. people were kind of greedy at first. we noticed there were lots of big plates of food.
10:49 pm
then the crew finally figured out they needed to portion things out better, which we were happy about. >> i had a chance to talk to your husbands earlier. they had sort of long-faced expressions. >> they were very, very worried. >> we couldn't talk to them. the last time we talked to them was monday because we had no cell service once the shipped left us. they hadn't talked to us for a couple days and didn't know what was going on. we were fine. and once they talked to all of us, they knew everything was okay. >> and you're going now to get a shower, i would imagine. >> we have been showering onboard. it's been cold water. >> you were able to? >> we were lucky. >> it depends on what side the boat was listing. >> we were on the high side for the last couple days. >> small blessings. >> and the trade out is which would you prefer, a shower or toilet? >> and they got the toilets working today, so we have been using those as well. so probably a hot shower is what our priority is. >> not having a time limit.
10:50 pm
>> yes, no fast showers. >> so where are the men? >> they're back there somewhere. >> they didn't ask for them. >> they were already on camera, we understand. >> our producers wanted the ladies. >> yes, well, here we are. >> so nice to see all of you. welcome. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, we're glad to be back. >> did it bring you all closer together? do you feel like you have gone -- >> in ways you don't even want to talk about. >> we know more about each other's bodily habits than we should ever know. >> that's what kept us laughing. we were making jokes about everything. >> having to poop in a bag. >> the nicknames we can't say on tv for everything we did. >> you gotta have toilet humor to get through this with a smile. >> absolutely. >> i can imagine the one-year reunion. >> we're not going on a cruise, probably. >> come to california. >> yeah. we have a redo for my birthday all planned, so we're good. >> we're going west.
10:51 pm
>> we're going to fly to california. >> thanks again, and have a good night. >> thank you very much. >> nice to see you all. >> we'll let you -- >> all right -- >> brett is next. we'll work to get him up there. i can already tell -- thanks again. >> their fourth annual cruise together. they do this every single year. the big question is are they going to do it again? gentlemen, four in a row. here you are in a robe. hanging out on national television. probably not how you thought it would end? >> no, i did not think it would end this way. no. >> so, how was it? >> it was kind of crazy, for sure. >> yeah. >> there will be a fifth though, i think. >> as long as our wives allow us, which is probably in question whether they will or won't. >> where are they right now? >> they're back in kansas city, in topeka. >> you have spoken, communicated. >> they made us reservations and
10:52 pm
flights, and they did a great job, hooked up us. happy valentine's day. sorry, baby. >> yeah. >> tell us about the attire here. >> well, first of all, sorry, carnival, for taking your bathrobe. i did not pay for this, but i figured they owed me the bathrobe. but yeah, i obviously did because we thought we were going to be in warm clielt, so i didn't pack a lot of warm clothes. i knew it would be chilly, so i had to snag the robe as we came off the ship. >> you're not alone. it's sort of the triumph attire. they seem to have the lovely parting gifts. >> somebody coined them the white walkers. >> yes, so how do you feel about how they handled it? some people are very angry at carnival? >> i understand, i think they handled it as best they could have. first and foremost, the crew that was on the ship did a marvelous job. some of them, i know, didn't sleep. we saw the guy on our floor, or one of the guys saw him asleep on the floor. he had basically a sheet over
10:53 pm
him and a pillow getting a couple hours sleep. whenever there was a problem with the toilet, the plumbing obviously was probably the biggest issue and the smell, they were right on top of it and dealing with it as quick as they could. so obviously, this is -- >> they did a good job of managing expectations, too. the information that trickled out was probably well thought out to kind of keep people safe and calm, which really after all is said and done, people were pretty nice to each other, not super chippy. it worked out pretty well. >> that was another neat thing. all of the people who banded together, sharing pringles and candy. the people across the hall had to leave their door open because we had an inside cabin, no light in there, so they would keep their door open during the day. we got to know people like you would typically not get to know people. hanging out in the hall. going through something like this. we basically made friends for life, which is obviously had some value to it. >> a number of people have pointed that out.
10:54 pm
clearly, this was not the cruise any of you anticipated, but in some ways, if you can look at a silver lining, it is the fact that you came through a tremendous ordeal, and a lot of people came through it together or made new friends in the process. >> for the vast majority of people, they're very kind, very considerate. i heard of situations of people fighting. we didn't see any of that. people were very anxious to get off the ship for obvious reasons, but i think for the most part, people were very kind to each other, and the staff always was smiling and very kind. >> you guys got off in what order? how is it we see you and there are other people waiting? >> he's a platinum member. >> oh, you guys are regulars. >> yeah, so they let us off, which was very, very nice. obviously, they let the folks in wheelchairs off first. but we were shortly there after, so that was pretty nice. >> brings a whole new meaning to the term poop deck. >> glad you said it and not us. thanks very much.
10:55 pm
>> thanks very much. >> appreciate both of you taking the time. >> enjoy the robe. >> i'm keeping it. >> we won't tell. >> bethany is getting off the ship. she went on the cruise with her mother and friend. i believe we can see her waving. i can see her. >> we're looking at her. there she is. she's got the phone up. we can see her. >> yeah, all right, and we will be seeing her in just a couple moments when she's able to get off the ship. she's going to join us and tell us what it was like. one of the people who had to wait a long, long time to get off the ship. >> still apparently has to wait more. >> we will be right back with that. ♪ sweet home alabama where the skies are so blue ♪ is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust your retirement plan along the way. rethink how you're invested. and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today,
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10:59 pm
♪ sweet home alabama >> bethany is with us now. she's still on the ship. she was on the cruise with her mother and a friend. bethany, you were waving to us just a couple moments ago. >> there she is. >> we see you waving to us now. do you know how long it's going to be before you're finally here with us on terra firma? >> she looks so alone. >> it's taking a while to get off. >> and what has it been like just in the past few hours here waiting to finally finish this ordeal? >> well, today, the mood